Barter week arrives: travel in Italy with barter

Viaggiare low cost in tempo di crisi

The barter week is coming and exchanges proliferate on internet and phone… It’s a good idea for travelling in Italy low cost

For this 2018 the date to mark is the week 19/25 November when everybody celebrate the Italian version of the international “Barter Week”: the “Settimana del Baratto”.

I suppose you already know what I’m talking about … it’s a really common way for travellin low cost.  Many people has been talking about barther for a while but in Italy it seems a sort of mythology. Traveling with barter is not a fiction, there are those who do it, even in this country.

The barter has now become, in times of crisis, a used form of exchange. For shopping there are many sites that promote exchanges of objects. At this point this system could not fail to expand also to the world of tourism.

So if you have budget problems to organize a weekend in Italy, turn into au pair workers and stay “almost” for free in many italian b&b.

Italian Barter week: how it works * *

Now this opportunity to travel through the barter in Italy has been exixting for 10 years and its success is gradually increasing.

All the hotel facilities participating on the occasion are posted on the site and here you can find contacts, reviews, location and various information.

In addition to the basic information for choosing your favourite hotel, you will also find a sheet with a series of services that the hotel can accept to barter your stay: the Wish List of the B&B.

The structure can also be contacted through the “contact and swap” form directly on the website page.

Travelling “almost” free in Italy all the year *

You can enjoy the advantage of the Barter also beyond the annual event of the Settimana del baratto… or Italian Barter Week.

Exchanging jobs many hotels, farms and b&b offer free accommodation and then enjoy the remaining time in beautiful places around Italy all year.

To get an idea of ​​the available facilities and barters opportunity you can consult the site Baratto in Viaggio. This site gathers all the structures in Italy divided by region, where you can treat yourself to a holiday practically at no cost. It’s only in Italian… but Google Translate can help you :-p

So… If you have special skills you can use them for your next vacation: if you are a photographer some structure may require a photo book in exchange for a stay, if you are Seo expert or a web writer some structure could take advantage of your ability giving you a room for a few days … and so on.

There are also facilities that require goods in exchange for stays: if you are collectors, some owners may share your passion and accept in exchange some collectible items.

A new way for travelling in Italy *

I know that for many of you this isn’t a new way for travelling, but in Italy isn’t so usual have people who want travel by exchanging ability and goods.

This is a fantastic opportunity for foreigners: in the last years a lot of small, autentic b&b and hotel add themselves in the list and for you can be really simple take part to the event and have a low cost travel in Italy.

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