What to see in Rome if you what to visit something beyond classic stages? And if you just visited Rome and in this second travel want to see something different? Some little suggestion from a roman girls.

I’ve been living in Prague for a few years but Rome remains in my heart with its art, its history, its architecture and also with its chaos. Every time I come back I feel like a tourist who wants to taste its alleys and its noises. My suggestion is… go beyond the normal itineraries, many times there is a truer Rome only one street further.

Then here are some stops that could be an unusual point of view for those who are on vacation in Rome for the second time (or more) or who want to see and do something different.

What to see in Rome? A stop to greet Michelangelo *

Even if you have already been there one day of your visit to Rome can be concentrated along the classic path that leads from the Colosseum, along the Fori Imperiali towards Campo de Fiori, Piazza Navona, the Pantheon (if it rains you can admire the famous hole for to understand if water enters or not), and then to Via del Corso, Fontana di Trevi and down towards Piazza di Spagna.

Nothing new” you say, but before starting the tour, however, near the Colosseum it is good to stop and say Hello to a wonderful Michelangelo’s work kept in a church in a secluded square.

I speak of Michelangelo’s Moses that you can admire for FREE simply by entering the church of San Pietro in Vicoli (Piazza di San Pietro in Vincoli).

What to see in Rome

Already, Rome is also this: priceless artworks open to the public for free.

How to see Rome: a look from the Garden of the Oranges *

This isn’t an unknown stage, many guides talk about it, but among the tourists what to see in Rome lists often is not mentioned.

The Garden of Oranges (Giardino degli Aranci), especially in spring and summer, is something sublime, colorful and fragrant. Actually on guides and maps it’s indicated with the original name “Parco Savello“.

The park is located on the Aventine hill and is an excellent stop for those who whant to see the area of the Circo Massimo, as well as being a wonderful alternative to the most popular (and crowded) belvedere of Rome (the Pincio and the Gianicolo).

Also in the same area you can easily reach Piazza dei Cavalieri di Malta where you will find a little row ahead of the popular “hole in the lock” that offers a strange miniature view of the Cuppolone (San Pietro’s Cupola).

Enjoi a show at the Globe Theatre *

Maybe you don’t know but also Rome has his Globe Theatre…a copy of London Globe Theatre.

What to see in Rome

You can find it in the heart of Villa Borghese, one of the most beautiful gardens of Rome. You can rent a bike and have a tour in the garden, pass for the theatre and admire it from the outside or buy a ticket for one of its performances.

In the garden of Villa Borghese you can see also the famous “Orologio ad acqua” (in Viale dell’orologio): the watch has four quadrants and its operation is guaranteed by the jet of water below which sets the pendulum in motion thus loading its movement and also loading the bell by the alternating filling of two basins.

What to see in Rome: a tour to discover Caravaggio … for free *

I started this post with a famous statue of Michelangelo … well, I can not even go from the numerous Caravaggio’s works scattered in Rome: infact there are several works of the great painter available to the public absolutely for free and six are found in three Roman churches.

  • Church of San Luigi dei Francesi

In this church Caravaggio enriched the Contarelli chapel with three paintings that tell Saint Matthew life. One of the three paintings, the “San Matteo dell’Angelo”, in its first version was even rejected because the artist was accused of having been “too realistic”.

  • Santa Maria del Popolo

What to see in Rome
Caravaggio’s painting: “la conversione di San Paolo”

Housed in the scenic Piazza del Popolo, the church of Santa Maria del Popolo is one of the most famous churches in Rome.

Here Caravaggio worked at the Cerasi chapel for which he made the Conversion of Saint Paul and the Crucifixion of Saint Peter.

  • Church of Sant Agostino

Church near Piazza Navona where you can see the beautifull Madonna dei Pellegrini.

What to see outside Rome: Villa d’Este *

If you have already been in Rome you can enrich your list of what to see in Rome even with some beauty outside the “Grande Raccordo Anulare”.

Villa d’Este is one of the famous villas outside the city area. It isn’t difficult to reach even by public transport and will surely leave you speechless.

What to see in Rome

You can get to Tivoli by Bus (from Ponte Mammolo) along the Tiburtina, or by train (but even here be patient: the route is full of stops).

Tivoli is a town climbing a mountain that offers many remains of the Roman era and also a beautiful view across the valley to the city.

Considering that it is a villa inserted among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, it is certainly a good idea dedicate them a day.

The apartments of the villa are the first part that you visit, but what attracts the most are its gardens: by day and by night the hundreds of fountains make the park the statues, trees and flowers alive.

But if you want to whet your desire to visit it and get more information I suggest you visit the page:

Villa d’Este: a magical walk between the fountains two steps from Rome

How to get away from the chaos of Rome: a walk on the lake of Castel Gandolfo *

Especially if you arrive in Rome during the summer, a trip to the lake of Castel Gandolfo, and maybe even to the village above it (It is the summer residence of the Pope), it’s always a good idea.

There is good for the beaches equipped, for bars where to drink something fresh or for an ice cream, there is still better to stop in a “fraschetta” with tables overlooking the lake where to eat … with your hands … bread, ham and porchetta drinking fresh wine (although not always of excellent quality).

What to see in Rome: roman litoral eating fresh fish *

Good food is not an exception in Rome and, after trying a good Roman restaurant, one of those offers carbonara, Trippa, pajata and artichokes… (i suggest you Ristorante Romolo e Remo), you can also decide to eat fish and live the roman cost.

Rome is the city at one hour from everything: an hour from the sea, from the mountains or from the lake … of course times are taken “to the Roman” in short at peak times it is impossible to quantify, but if you are lucky without effort you can enjoy the Roman coast and eat a nice plate of fresh fish.

Do you want two interesting addresses?

One is that of the Ristorante Zi Checco in Torvaianica… if you want to try it, reserve in advance especially for the holidays … there is always a large row … and after eating a big portion of tonnarelli with lobster I understood why .

The second is even easier to reach: it is located in Fiumicino and is the Ristorante Sfizi di mare. According to someone is too dedicated to the shape of the dishes, but after various tests, i can assure you the excellent quality of the dishes.

What to see in Rome: an eternal list in the eternal city *

I have to admit that I could continue forever.

Take a bike ride to the Appia, or stroll through Villa Borghese admiring the water clock or even the Elizabethan Globe Theater, follow a tour of the dark side of Rome with its myths and legends …. and so on.

But I decide to stop here … not to make this post a Bible, not to bore you, but also because, for a weekend, the ideas are more than enough.

But what would you like to see unusual in Rome?

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