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September Holidays in Italy
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September holidays in Italy: where to go and what to see

The high season is slowly leaving us, and, if it is true that someone is not afraid of thinking about healthy trekking in autumn, it is also true that september holidays in Italy can offer interesting alternatives to make people feel the summer near. The beaches, the mountains and the tourist destinations are less crowded, …

holiday in Budapest
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How much does a holiday in Budapest cost? An aid to the calculation of your budget

But how much does a holiday in Budapest cost? Regardless of the flight prices that I cannot predict we can instead look at the daily costs together to visit Budapest, in Hungary. How to estimate the budget for food, housing, attractions, alcohol and more.

Destinations Europe

Leipzig: what to see in the German city between past and future

An hour from Berlin (by train), the city that saw Wagner, Klinger and Bach passing through its streets, seems rather overshadowed compared to the larger and more famous cousins Berlin and Munich, but history has always painted Leipzig as home to music, art, creative projects and today universities and modern renovations. Let’s find out what …