There is a dessert that you can not forget to try during a Madrid holiday. This is the recipe of churros. In this city there are places where “churros and chocolate” is a traditional dreamy mix. 

Spanish cooking is certainly rich in delicacy and famous recipes, but churros, despite their simple recipe, have earned a place of honor in tourists or spanish routine.

The rules for eating churros in Madrid *

First of all, we have to study some churros etiquette:

1- Churros are born to be eaten for breakfast (They aren’t after lunch dessert).

2- Churros should be eaten fresh, so prepared during the day and fried on request: this is the best way to have a quality of excellence.

3- Do not use toppings for churros: they should be fried to perfection, dusted with sugar and dipped in a hot and delicious spanish hot chocolate (You can eat it with a spoon)… also during summer.

4- There is a difference between porras and churros even if ingredients are the same. There is a certain difference in flavor and thickness… try both of them and let me know which ones you prefer.

Definitive guide to the best places where to eat Churros in Madrid *

1- Chocolatería San Ginés

In a city center alley there is the best churreria in Madrid: Chocolateria San Ginés.

This churreria has born in 1894 and today can serve until 2000 chocolates and 10.000 churros a day (as many newspapers and tourist guides say).

Address: Pasadizo de San Ginés, 5

2- Chocolateria Valor

Valor is a chocolate brand particularly appreciated in Spain, so to make a small culinary it wouldn’t be a bad idea stop if you are near a Valor shop.

Address: Calle del Postigo de San Martín, 7

3- Chocolat

Chocolat is located in the Huertas district … not so easy to find.

This means that sitting at its tables you can experience fantastic churros that often escape the tourist crowds (but locals appreciate them). Excellent chocolate is not too sweet (as it often happens).

4- La Antigua Churreria

La Antigua Churreria is a place really proud of is century of history. Here you can try both porras and churros.

Address Calle de Bravo Murillo, 190

5- Los Artesanos 1902

Another churreria that can be included in the best places to eat churros in Madrid.

It looks like a San Gines Churreria… but without the same crowd. Ideal for who doesn’t like turistic areas but prefers original places.

Address: Calle de San Martín, 2

Have you tried churros in other Madrid addresses and would you like to recommend them to other people? Write in the comments to this post, at the bottom of the page, and help all readers to try the best churros in Madrid.

Spanish Churros Recipe *

If you don’t have to leave for Madrid shortly here is the original recipe for Spanish churros… you can try it at home.

Ingredients and equipment

300 g flour, 440 ml of water, 1 teaspoon of salt (5 grams), sugar for sprinkling, soft olive oil for frying or sunflower oil, kitchen absorbent paper, a manual churrera or a pastry bag with a thin mouth.


1- If you are passionate i would recommend buying a churrera (you have it for € 10), it is the best way to compress the dough to avoid problems during frying, so that no air bubbles form.

2- If you don’t have the chance to prepare churros with churrera you can use a pastry bag with a star-spout.

3- For a good Frying the temperature of the oil which should be between 195º and 200º C.

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