But how much does a holiday in Budapest cost? Regardless of the flight prices that I cannot predict we can instead look at the daily costs together to visit Budapest, in Hungary. How to estimate the budget for food, housing, attractions, alcohol and more.

Budapest is one of the european capital still popular for its low prices (more or less ), as well as for its beautiful architecture, youthful spirit, vibrant nightlife and rich history.

Moreover, he still has (who knows for how long) the Eastern Europe gritty side.

In this guide to the cost of living in the Hungarian capital, i describe the normal expenses for food, hotel, attractions, drinks and other things that you will experience on your holiday in Budapest helping you to understand how much it costs.

All the prices i indicated are based on what you need to easily visit the city without exceed, but they do not include things like club nights, tickets to enter exclusive clubs, strange delusions of shopping for souvenirs or clothing, tours, and meals in “starred” restaurants.

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What is the currency in Budapest? *

To begin with … in Budapest you Won’t be able to pay in euros, on the contrary .

The currency in Hungary is the Hungarian Forint (Ft) and € 1 corresponds to around 325 Ft (round off to facilitate the accounts, at the moment the quote is 324.92)

In some shop they would propose to pay in euro, I don’t advise you to accept: in any country they allow you to pay against the local currency it not convenient at all.

NOTE: I will try to put the prices also in Euro, but always consider the movements of the exchange!

How much does it cost to eat in Budapest? *

Let’s start with food that always consumes a large part of every holiday budget. In this case the budget depends on your habits: eating in a restaurant for lunch and dinner has a very different cost from preparing a sandwich and going in a fast food for dinner.


First tip: try to book a hotel, apartment or hostel, which includes breakfast… you will certainly save time and money.

On the bakery or shops distant to the tourist boulevards the cost for a breakfast can start from 350 and reach 700 Ft.

If you want a cheaper alternative, the bakery is a great choice (there are often vending machines for coffee or cappuccino near the counters).

If, on the other hand, you prefer a more exclusive situation you can choose a coffee or pastry shops in the center. An espresso can cost around 325 Ft (€ 1), a cappuccino can reach 500 ft (€ 1.6), a slice of cake between 450 and 650 ft ( 1.5- 2 €).


You can go to fast food or buy sandwiches in a market and pay below € 5 (1624.60 Ft), in a restaurant the price will arrive to the dinner level.


In an average restaurant for two people (without alcohol) you could settle between 5000 and 7000 FT (about 15/22 €)

Food at the market

I try to put some price met in the supermarkets of Budapest: white bread (500 g) € 0.5-0.7, fresh milk (1 liter) € 0.7-1.1, cold cuts (one ounce) 1.8- € 2, a croissant € 0.5-1, a beer (50 cl) costs € 0.7-1

How much does it cost to drink in Budapest

Drinking in Budapest has a particularly favorable cost (as in many large beer-producing countries), but be careful because prices depending where you want to drink.

A pint of standard beer out of the center: 360 Ft (€ 1.11)
A draft beer in the center is really simple to arrive to cost 550 ft (€ 1.70) and go up
A beer in a grocery store: 225 Ft (€ 0.69)
Bottle of wine in the shop (drinkable): 1000 Ft (€ 3.08)

How much does transport cost to Budapest? *

Personally, i didn’t use public transport so much, i went by car and I traveled around the city center on foot.

  • Train ticket between the airport and the city: 400 Ft (€ 1.23)
  • Ordinary ticket 350 Ft (€ 1.8)
  • 10 ordinary tickets 3000 Ft (€ 9.23)
  • One-day 1650 Ft subscription (€ 5.8)
  • 4150 Ft three-day subscription (€ 12.77)
  • Budapest Card 24 hour / 6.490, HUF, 48 hour / 9.909 HUF, 72 hour / 12,990 HUF
  • Gondola lift ticket to the Buda district 800 Ft (€ 2.46)

Prices of attractions and museums in Budapest *

Budapest has a lot of great attractions that are accessible or free.

The thermal baths are fantastics, so bring a bathing suit or you risk losing the most beautiful experiences in Budapest: its thermal baths.

  • Thermal baths: you will find an infinity of them with different prices, however an entrance can go from 2,900 to 4,600 HUF (9 € -14 €)
  • Hungarian National Gallery: 1,200 HUF (€ 3.69)
  • Museum of Fine Arts: 1,800 HUF (€ 5.53)
  • House of Terror Museum: 2,000 HUF (€ 6.16)
  • Pinball Museum: 2,500 HUF (€ 7.69)

How much does it cost to sleep in Budapest? *

Hostels and hotels are quite cheap in Budapest. And even among the hostels there are nice accommodations, if you want a bit of design and not just absolute savings.

There are also a good number of very cheap hotels. You will probably consider them quite bare, but you can enjoy a higher budget to get to know the city.

The apartments for rent can also be a good option in Budapest and it can happen, like me, to find apartments with breakfast included: in the apartment we found some tickets to have breakfast at the bar just below the building.

If you are interested you can search for your apartment in Budapest via Airbnb and, if this is your first booking, I can give you a discount of up to 30 €, go to this link.

Alternatively, choose hotels that offer greater comfort by spending a little more … in short, your budget makes it your taste.

Bed in hostel: from 7 to 20 € per night

Hostels are cheap in Budapest. The average price of a bed per night is around $ 14, although many hostels raise their prices over the weekend. Remember, these prices are for a bed in a shared dorm. If you want a private room, expect to pay $ 40- $ 60.

Hotel: € 25/60 per night

At the lowest level you can expect very simple accommodation, but once you get up to around € 45/50 a night the hotels become slightly higher quality.

However, expect the good charm of the Soviet era: many facilities are not yet particularly renovated

Apartment for rent: € 30/80 per night

Budapest has a fair amount of apartments for rent throughout the city.

They can be a good option for large groups or travelers who want a little more space (and a kitchen), or even for families with children.

On the other hand, with the apartments it may also be necessary to deal with the inconvenient check-in processes, waiting for key deliveries and without physical reception, and incur extra costs such as cleaning or service charges.

For short stays, hotels may generally be preferred, but for longer stays I am convinced that rented apartments are the best option.

And now that you know what the cost of living in the Hungarian capital is you can jump in my post “What to see in Budapest” to create your city guide and plan your stops.

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