The high season is slowly leaving us, and, if it is true that someone is not afraid of thinking about healthy trekking in autumn, it is also true that september holidays in Italy can offer interesting alternatives to make people feel the summer near.

The beaches, the mountains and the tourist destinations are less crowded, the temperatures less hot, the prices decidedly cheaper.

What better time to enjoy a healthy holiday in Italy?

The best holiday destinations in September in Italy? *


Paradise of summer italians destinations, it is almost impossible to fully enjoy in July and August when most Italian tourists, and many foreigners, choose this part of Puglia for their summer holidays.

In September, Salento abandon the cumbersome burden of mass tourism and showcases the best of its history, natural beauty, and good food.

Don’t limit yourself to the most beautiful beaches of Salento, but give yourself a little time to discover the beauty of its villages, the countryside and its cities distant from the sea, but not to be missed, first of all Lecce.

The Amalfi coast

Avoid it during the summer or during celebrations, you would enjoy it only in part, and the Costiera is a true tourist paradise.

The winding Positano certainly does not lose its beauty in August, but its uphill streets and its staircases make a walk in the scorching August sun difficult.

Here then is that September becomes one of the best times to discover it.

Lake Garda

Among the most interesting destinations for your september holidays in Italy, you cannot miss the international Lake Garda.

Those who do not like sunbathing, will prefer to visit the many villages overlooking the huge mirror of water, first of all surely Sirmione, but also Bardolino, Salò, Lazise, or even treat yourself to interesting trekking routes dating back to the Baldo mountain that dominates it.

Don’t miss the events, including the Liberty Festival in September.

Sardinia finally low cost

If you dream of Sardinia, but the amazing costs of the summer preclude it, that’s why organizing your holidays in September is a great way to enjoy a paradise at a much more affordable price.

The beaches are still among the most beautiful in the world, the climate is mild and you can also afford to visit what is usually left in the background: the interior of this beautiful island.

An idea could be to follow the Wine Roads of Sardinia or treat yourself to one or more days of trekking among the many trekking paths available.


Sicily is the most extreme region of Italy, and also the one that guarantees longer summer temperatures.

This is why we are not afraid of holidays in September, but not even in October.

September is the best period for good prices. Many will decide to arrive by plane in Sicily to avoid the long crossings of the boot, and I assure you that in August it is difficult to find tickets below € 250 per person.

In September it will be easier for you to consider also to the Aeolian Islands or the Egadi Islands… Sicily is spoiled for choice and a holiday may not be enough.

The less torrid temperatures will make you enjoy the visit of Agrigento and its Valley of the Temples, and you will find less crowds to organize an interesting trekking on Etna.

Of course, don’t forget to fill up on Sicilian specialties: Cannoli, cassata, oranges and Marsala wine… but also an infinite number of typical recipes, in short, be prepared to take a few kg.


Eat well, go trekking, enjoy thermal waters and beautiful beaches… in September in Ischia you can.

It sounds like an advertisement, but it is so and not only for my euphoria of talking about September holidays in Italy that i always find the best time to enjoy places in a more peaceful and authentic way.

In September, a walk on the wild Mount Epomeo will seem a different activity and the arrival at the Belvedere is a unique goal.

Instead of going into expensive wellness centers you could take advantage of the thermal waters in the Bay of Sorgeto where thermal water gushes out and the stones act as sunbeds in the sun.

An infinite number of trekking routes available

September is also the best month to finally experience a little life in nature enjoying one of the many trekking routes that Italy offers us.

This is because when the head no longer requires only sand and salt, finally we open ourselves to new places and activities and here the mountain becomes an interesting discovery.

And what would you like to give you for this coming September? Where you will spend your last days of summer. Join our community and suggest your goals in the comments.


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