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  1. 5 free spas in Tuscany

Tired of expensives spas? Do you want a “wild” experience in Italy? Here are 5 free spas in Tuscany for a free wellness available for all

Who dreams a healthy weekend of wellness and relaxation? It is in everyone’s thoughts to unplug and enjoy a moment in nature. Often, however, paid spas can be expensive, or simply, you want a more wild experience as well as without spending a penny.

Italy has a big variety of natural beauties and gives an interesting opportunity: wellness absolutely free and, if you aim at central Italy, here are five free spas in Tuscany to try.

5 free spas in Tuscany *

1- Terme di Saturnia

Free spas in Tuscany

Among the most famous free spas in Tuscany … and in Italy, there are undoubtedly the Terme di Saturnia in the municipality of Manciano.

The name is also known for the thermal pools and the luxury hotel with Spa that offers care and beauty treatments, but often nobody think that you can bask in the sulphurous waters of these spas also for free.

Just go to the Mulino waterfalls, one of the most instagrammable places in Italy (you will probably recognize them). Behind a mill, among waterfalls and sulphurous water jets at 37 degrees, you will find your free spa in Tuscany. In the area there is only a parking lot and a small bar, no luxury or chaos. Only nature

2- Bagni di Petriolo

In the heart of the Basso Merse Nature Reserve, halfway between Siena and Grosseto, the 40-degree waters of the Petriolo Baths gush out, recommended for treating the respiratory system as well as the skin.

The source is close to the Farna River and presents various natural pools that can be freely used.

3- Bagni San Filippo

At the foot of Monte Amiata is Bagni di San Filippo. Of course there is a spa with wellness treatments and a swimming pool with hydromassage, but the waters can also be used for free at Fosso Bianco.

The place is completely immersed in the woods and, between streams and waterfalls, the waters channel into natural pools flanked by spectacular limestone formations such as the great White Whale.

4- San Casciano dei Bagni

History speaks of free spas in Tuscany frequented already at the time of ancient Rome and, among the illustrious personality that exploited their benefits there is also Octavian Augustus.

The San Casciano baths, in the province of Siena, count as many as 42 springs with an amazing water flow. Not so far from the paid center and the homonymous village, there are big pool called VASCONI. These ancient washhouses are full of hot thermal water … in short, real open-air pools.

5- Bagno Vignoni

In Bagno Vignoni, a village not far from Siena, the center is dominated by a huge cola pool of thermal water in Piazza della Sorgente.

No! You don’t have to jump into them… just leave the center heading towards the hill and you will find other famous free spas in Tuscany, another pool where you will be able to take a dip. Of course those looking for comfort can easily treat themselves to the wellness center and its treatments, for all the others there is instead our free advice.


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