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If you are a passionate reader of Backpacker Travel Blog, you MUST contact me if:

  • You want to suggest the topic for next post of Backpacker Travel Blog.
  • You want to talk to me, even just have a chat about your experiences as a traveler.
  • You need advice on your next trip, or a help to model your itinerary.
  • If you have found information that you think aren’t exact. Sometimes even visiting, observing and documenting information can be inexact. Help me to be as precise as possible.

If you are a blogger, you MUST contact me if:

  • You want to participate as a guest blogger on Backpacker Travel Blog, but only after reading the rules of Guest Blogging in VZS
  • You want to discuss projects or collaborations between blogs … because together we can build a lot!


If you are a touristic authority, hotel, b&B, web agency, please contact me:

  • If you need someone who is curious about a content marketing project for your site or blog.
  • If you need advice to understand how to develop your communication project.
  • If you need someone to write the contents of your blog.
  • If you need someone to organize an editorial calendar in line with your business and your promotional strategy


  • You are looking for a place to put your commercial links for free or for a fee.
  • You are looking for a paid collaboration: i would be very pleased to pay you for your professionalism, but at the moment Backpacker Travel Blog is a personal professional project.
  • You are looking for someone to organize your holiday because you’re lazy and you want to save you money from the travel agency: I’m ready to work with you and help you, but delegating everything to me is not the right spirit for a traveller and does not respect the values ​​I’m looking for to infuse with this blog.

How you must contact me

Before to contact me and give me your e-mail contact read the page of privacy policy it’s really important protect your data

facebook: viaggizainoinspalla

twitter: viaggizainoinspalla

Skype: agnese.ciccotti1 (send me an email first and let us agree for a time and day)

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