I’m a professional creative content writer: I write texts for the web, an activity called Web copywriting.

If you think that this is a useless service because you can write everything by yourself know that in most cases you are wrong!

Writing on the web is totally different from to do this on the paper, first because reading on screen is different, but also because a text written in the right way must know how to “hook” the search engines as well as users.

What is web copywriting based on?
On 3 elements:

1- Writing for the web: online writing follows rules wich combine HTML, SEO and semantics a work that isn’t for everyone.
2- Layout: this is another element totally different from paper writing. Structure and formatting of texts it’s really important for improving readability (and this is really considered by Google, and also by readers).
3- Communication: excite, intrigue readers, emotioning. Web writing isn’t a formal writing tecnique but a way for creating relationship and allow you to trasform readers in consumers and customers.

If you want to scale positions in Google searches you need someone who knows how to move in this way. You may need:

  • Articles for Blog
  • Texts for your company site
  • Informative guides and E-books

I can be your 2.0 pen. Probably you would save by writing alone… Or commissioning texts to aspiring web writers ready to send you articles of a few hundred words for a few euros. But a job well done, that can give results, takes time and professionalism, not improvisation.

Think that your competitors are already online, what are you waiting for?

To ask for a quotation or have more information

Mail: infoviaggizainoinspalla@gmail.com

Skype: Agnese. CICCOTTI1 (send me a mail first and let’s agree for a time and day)